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Enlightened Technomorphism

This work is located in an Art Park in Franconia, Minnesota.

Click here to read a description of the evolution of this work.

Enlightened - A Perspective
26' 6" High by 40' Wide by 33' 3" Deep

Enlighened in the sun
Stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, rubber, water, electricity, pumps and LED lights.

Enlightened from below
Triangular steel pond raises level out of the earth could raise above a lake, swamp or pool.

Artist and Chaos

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Enlightened Profile
The singularity, chaos, telaos, technology, enlightened technology and chaos.

Enlightened Profile
Double loops of space and time crossing.

Enlightened Sunset

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Lighted Sunset

Night Enlightened Fountain
Detail of the Telaos returning life back to the source.

Enlightened at Night
Enlightened to reveal the truth hidden in the dark.

Enlightened Moonrise

Enlightened Moon
Enlightened moon on the surface of water reflecting on the reflection of the source.

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