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California Suspensions

These Suspensions were constructed during a recent sabbatical near Los Angeles, California.

Three Stars Juggling Swords    Logic and Catholic Logic

Lighting, Logic, Life    Technomorphic Or Not    Logic To Lust

 Three Stars Juggling Swords

76 inches high by 36 inches wide by 24 inches deep,
stainless steel, wood & plastic.

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 Logic and Catholic Logic

80 inches high by 30 inches wide by 20 inches deep,
stainless steel, aluminum, wood, cotton cloth.

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 Lighting, Logic, Life

80 inches high by 32 inches wide by 12 inches deep,
stainless steel, wood.

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 Technomorphic Or Not

7 feet high by 10 feet wide by 2.5 feet deep,
stainless steel, plastic, wood, aluminum, and carbon cloth.

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 Logic To Lust

7 feet high by 9.5 feet wide by 4 feet deep,
stainless steel, wood, plastic, aluminum cloth.

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